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Cata warrior spec

2012.02.09. 21:57 | tiavesurre | Szólj hozzá!

Címkék: warrior spec cata

Best warrior class to pvp cata, cata best warrior race (7) warlock race cataclysm (7) race in World of Warcraft in Alliance and best class for. This is Cata warrior spec great in PvE and PvP .


This spec is for those warriors who love to solo old-school instances/raids/heroics on their own Cata warrior spec for money/gear/mounts. The key talent of this build is [Bloodthirst] which gives .

Cataclysm Warrior Talent Builds. Warriors are the traditional . also cause a considerable amount of raid DPS in Fury spec . The Tank Spec Cata: 7-3-31 : Protection .

Whats The Cookie Cutter Prot Spec For 85 Any Links To A Guide Wow Forums Links I Dont Know If Anyone Has Concreted The 85 Warrior Spec Yet Its Only Been A , from

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Discover the latest info about best warrior pvp spec cata and read our other article related to best warrior pvp spec cata, page 10 at

Maybe I've missed it, but I've yet to find a source where people are showing and discussing their prot warrior talent specs for Cata, which I have heard are going to be .

With the sundering happening in a week (check MMO-Champion), I need to start getting my ducks in a row for Cataclysm's launch on 12/7. To that end, I thought I'd ask you fine Cata warrior spec .

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Rerolled a warrior in
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